alli reid photo

this week marks my one month of blogging. woohoo! it has been so much fun and i've even made some new friends. even though i have a "meet kiely" page, i wanted to give everyone an extra peek into what i'm really like with 10 facts about me:

1. i did ballet from age 3-19. i don't have time to take class anymore with my busy school schedule, but i will always be a dancer. always. it has become such a huge part of me. i love any style of dance, it's just so much fun! sometimes i just break out with some sick dance moves…randomly.

2. i love chocolate frosting. one time my friend lindsay got me a can of chocolate frosting for my birthday and i ate the whole thing. of course not all in one sitting, but within two days for sure. wanna be my best friend? a can of chocolate frosting is the way to my heart. and reeses. and chocolate mint.

3. i like to be held like a baby. if isaac and i are sitting on the couch, i'll say "hold me like a baby!" and he'll just cradle me. it's so soothing. he's the nicest. i love him.

4. remember how i said that i despise the snow? well yeah…that's about it. i just don't like being cold (but winter isn't half bad when you're in love!).

5. i am deathly afraid of deer. one time i was arm distance from a deer…i about peed myself. those beady eyes give me the heeby jeebys. They just seem like they could attack ya!

6. baseball is my favorite sport. i am a die hard san francisco giants fan, but not just because they're champs! my dad brainwashed us while we were growing up, so i've been a giants fan my whole life.

 7. sometimes when i'm asleep and isaac wakes me up around midnight to go back to my apartment to go to bed, i cry. i can't help it! it's the weirdest thing. i think i am just really tired so i start crying. isaac has multiple videos of me crying after waking up. what a baby!

8. when i was little, i wanted to be a target cashier when i grew up. sadly that has not happened, but it is still my favorite store!

9. i love avocado! turkey, bacon, avocado paninis are my favorite.

10. i cried when hannah montana ended.
p.s. thank you to the wonderfully talented alli for the picture!