pocket of blossoms: too close for comfort

(this post is not what i had originally intended to post today. i had a completely different thankful thursday written out, edited, and scheduled. but i'd like to save that post for next week's thankful thursday.i know i posted a serious post about veteran's day on tuesday and i don't mean to be so serious this week, but for me this blog has become very therapeutic and i have to say what's on my mind.)

this is my adorable brother andrew.
he's 13.
he loves basbeball.
he likes to dance with me.
he is always smiling.
everyone who knows him, loves him.
he loves baseball.
he gives the best hugs 
and loves to snuggle.
oh, and he loves baseball.

tuesday night i was doing my homework at my apartment while i was waiting for isaac to come over. my screen lit up with a text from my mom…

"at the emergency room with andrew. he was hit in the head with a ball at batting practice. then threw up 2 hours later. just had a ct scan, waiting for the results."

i was in shock. it took me about 5 minutes to process what was actually going on and when i realized what happened, i burst into tears. i heard isaac's knock on the door and walked to the front room…i couldn't even get a "hello" out before i began to sob in his arms. the next text came…

"there is bleeding, they're sending us to the trauma center."

 isaac held me while i began to cry uncontrollably. in one single moment, all the things that could go wrong flashed before my eyes. every time i envisioned andrew going through head surgery, i cried a little louder. there was bleeding on his brain and he had suffered a skull fracture. you just never know what could happen with head injuries.

pocket of blossoms: too close for comfort

andrew was admitted to the trauma center, had an mri taken of his head, and was placed under observation for 24 hours. things began to turn around from there. everyone was sure that he was going to have to go through surgery to reduce the bleeding. but the neurosurgeon told my mom that andrew looked good and that surgery was less likely now.

i went to bed around 4 am and woke up at 8 am, with the puffiest eyes i've ever seen, to hear that andrew was not going to be needing surgery. they are keeping him in the hospital for a little longer so they can monitor him, but he's looking great!

somehow i always knew andrew was going to be okay, but fear squashed that knowledge to the ground with the vision of negative possibilities.

pocket of blossoms: too close for comfort

i have a lot to be thankful for this thankful thursday. i'm thankful for...

-my andrew

-andrew's health

-family back home that was able to be there for my mom when i couldn't be

-modern medicine

-the relationship that andrew and i have--it's a fun one!

-andrew's example of optimism--check out that smile! uhhh do you know your brain is bleeding???

and finally for…

-a god in heaven who watches over his children.

my heart is so happy that my baby brother will be okay. if you ask me, that was too close for comfort…am i right or am i right??