pocket of blossoms: thankful for winter

with thanksgiving coming up and seeing that today is thursday, how could i resist a thankful thursday? of course i am thankful for isaac, my family, and my friends, but for every thursday this month i want to write about other things that i am thankful for.

so here we go!

as the tip of the mountains turn white and my car gets a little frosty, it reminds me that soon the ground will be covered in snow and the skies will turn gray. now, i'm a summer girl through and through. i seem to always dread the approaching winter. who wants to be cold? no one i know, that's for sure! 

and not just any cold…we're talkin' skin-crackin', cheek-piercin', hair-curl-killin', nose-hair-freezin' kind of cold (literally my nose hairs froze). 

but for this first thankful thursday (and because i need a winter attitude adjustment haha!), i'd like to remember some of the things i love about winter.

things i love about winter:
-christmas…can i get an amen??
-mint hot chocolate
-cute beanies--gives me an excuse to not wash my hair, and i know i'm not the only one!
-fuzzy socks
-cuddling in my warm apartment with my love
-the beauty of snowfall and a fresh layer of snow
-running and sliding on the icy ground--only when it's on purpose though!
-memories of falling in love with my isaac--read our love story here.

there you have it. this summer girl is thankful for winter.

what do you love about winter?
tell me in the comments below.