Nov 28, 2014

thankful thursday

pocket of blossoms: i'm thankful for

happy thanksgiving! i hope everyone had a wonderful thanksgiving and a full tummy of goodness.

i am thankful for…the beautiful place where i live// my handsome// dance// a close relationship with my siblings// eternal families// parents who taught me how to love// my Savior// whoever thought to put ice cream and cookies together// andrew's health.

"to live with gratitude ever in our hearts is to touch heaven."
-president thomas s. monson


  1. Ice cream + cookie = amazing. Whoever invented it is a miracle worker! :] // ▲ ▲

    1. right!! and it's even better when the cookies are warm :)

      xoxo, kiely

  2. Love this! Hope you had an awesome thanksgiving! :)

    xo, Katy


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