Dec 31, 2014

Wally Films

pocket of blossoms: wally films

pocket of blossoms: wally films

pocket of blossoms: wally films

 photo WallyFilmsVideographyTransparent_zpsd60dd11b.png

remember the love story video and christmas video isaac and i did?
hearing yourself talk in a video...isn't that just the worst?
i sound like such a noob in that love story!
luckily in the christmas video, you guys didn't have to hear me talk hahaha. 

but even though i'm not a movie star (shocker, i know), alix made us look pretty good! if i do say so myself! she did a great job capturing our personalities and incorporating our ideas into the videos. she was willing to go above and beyond for us, just to get the shot.

when we were filming our christmas video, we were shooting at tibble creek up american fork canyon. it's been a pretty warm winter here in utah, but it was snowing quite a bit up the canyon that day! we were searching for a tree isaac and i could decorate for the video, and the only way to get to the tree we wanted was to climb over these huge rocks.

boulders, even.

isaac helped alix and i up the rocks, and then we started on the trail along the reservoir. one slip and we would have ended up in the lake. alix had all her gear and we were worried that if she slipped that her equipment would break. it was seriously such a sketchy climb! alix slipped once and slid down a little hill, but she was okay! we made it to the most perfect little charlie brown christmas tree! she was a trooper.

my toes started sticking together because it was so cold!!! tmi?? but it turned out to be exactly how i envisioned it and isaac and i have our own little video christmas card!

thank you to alix for making non-movie stars look as close to movie stars as isaac and i can get!

here is her demo reel...3...2...1...give it up for alix!!!! (*applause*)

recognize that cute, fashionable blogger in the demo? yeah, you guessed it, it's jody beth!

Dec 29, 2014

Miami Beach Bowl 2014

pocketofblossoms: miami beach bowl

pocket of blossoms: miami beach bowl

pocket of blossoms: miami beach bowl

pocket of blossoms: miami beach bowl

pocket of blossoms: miami beach bowl
(all photo credz to my love, crazy right? i was so proud when he showed me these pictures)

this past summer i went home to work in california and isaac stayed in utah to work for the summer. without me there, isaac was pretty bored. i mean, so bored that he got two jobs and worked out twice a day (definitely not complaining about that!). isaac was on the rugby team last year so he knew a couple guys on the football team, and started going to their workouts. 

the nutritionist gave isaac a meal plan and he lifted/practiced with the team every day. he attended the team events and even got to complete the cougar challenge (a team relay consisting of running/biking up a mountain and swimming)! he worked really hard all summer.

when we got back for fall semester, isaac went to try out for a spot on the team the first day of classes. i remember that i kept checking my phone every minute to see if he was finished. i had the "find my friends" app on my phone and i kept locating isaac to see where he was! every time i checked, he was at the practice field where tryouts were being held. 

later that afternoon he finally texted me letting me know he was finished and to meet him on campus. i located him again (kinda creepy, but he's my fiancé right?? so, not creepy?) and saw that he was in an office building somewhere in north campus. i just had this feeling that the news was going to be good news.

when isaac met up with me, i asked him how it went. he was telling me all about it and i just waited for the news. he pulled up a picture on his phone and showed me the list of who made it. 

there was his name.

isaac robledo.

i was so happy for him i could have cried. 
i knew how hard he had been working and how much he loves to play. 
there's something about watching the one you love do what they love. 
it just makes your heart smile.

i am extremely proud of my isaac.
they moved him around to different positions and finally settled him in as a wide receiver.
being with him as he's experienced this has been such a joyful and rewarding experience.
i love to hear how practice went and what he's working on.
i love to hear the inside scoop and watch the footage of him in practice.

at the end of the season byu was invited to play in the miami beach bowl (i'm sure you know this...because it totally made headlines hahaha). isaac loved it! they stayed in a nice hotel, went to a heat game, gave a fireside, played a game in the miami marlins baseball park, and he loved every last bit of it. the only sad part was that i couldn't go with him because we aren't married yet. but i'm totally over it...sniffle....sniffle.

i'm so proud of him and my heart is unbelievably happy that he has been given this opportunity.

can't wait for may when i can hashtag all my instagram pictures #byufootballwife...
...okay fine i'm totally kidding. but still! proud fiancé over here! 

#26 has my heart.

Dec 26, 2014

14 favorite pictures from 2014

1. in our love story video, i talked about the moment i realized i wanted to marry isaac. it was during our ice skating date with some friends, and this picture was taken that night! isaac is my best friend and we love being goofy together, that's why this pic is fave #1.

2. he's sooooooooooo handsome.
 photo IMG_3101_zpsef19b969.jpg

3. isaac was having a bad day so we went to yogurtland to get froyo. he was still feeling down as we were driving home. isaac's yogurt was sitting on the dashboard and, as he came to a stop, the froyo slid off the dash and landed perfectly face up on the floor, and the yogurt splattered all over isaac's face. really sticky and gross, but it put a smile on his face and we couldn't stop laughing!
 photo IMG_3106_zps6186d695.jpg

4. because nose kisses are the best.
 photo IMG_3141_zps37f26511.jpg

5. bowling with my sweet roommates. the most artistic picture we've ever taken! (we're not real big creatives haha)
 photo IMG_3311_zps77d9b211.jpg

6. one day after church with my siblings. they're the cutest! it was fun to jam out in the car with them, all singing at the top of our lungs!
 photo IMG_3663_zpsefcb3958.jpg

7. really close seats at the A's vs. Giants game. it was so fun to go with my Aunt Kim and dad! 2010, 2012, 2014 world series champs! go giants!
 photo IMG_3704_zpsc2f4ac07.jpg

8. when i went to texas to meet isaac's family, we got to go to downtown san antonio and see the alamo!
 photo IMG_3802_zps0ca06e7f.jpg

9. because this was the best day of my life.
 photo IMG_3924_zps829d8df2.jpg

10. isaac was being naughty and chatty with his brothers during church one sunday, so i tried to lecture him after the meeting ended, but i just couldn't pretend to be mad when he was smiling at me like that! his aunt snapped this pic haha!
 photo IMG_4024_zps1b7ed8cb.jpg

11. this picture=our relationship. we also took *this picture* at general conference and it's more normal, but what's the fun in that?
 photo IMG_3359_zpsdac65aca.jpg

12. can you tell who i spend most of my time with? we were taking a picture in line at the haunted corn maze and this clown came up behind us and scared us! well scared me...and isaac laughed.
 photo IMG_8614_zps678bff02.jpg

13. halloween is usually not my thang. but it was fun to dress up with my love! can you guess what we were?
 photo IMG_4414_zpsa08f3390.jpg

14. spending the christmas season with the love of your life has got to be the best thing on planet earth.
 photo IMG_9320_zpse79ba9d5.jpg

Dec 24, 2014


pocketofblossoms: christmas

i don't have a cute christmas card to post today so i thought i would settle for this red-and-greenish picture of me trying to model yourfabrik's leather leggings. also, isaac and i did a christmas card video, so i think that counts! 

isaac is in texas with his family and i'm in california with mine. i have to admit...i'm a baby and i miss him already. there's a little piece of me missing when he's away, but we like to talk about how next year for christmas we'll be married and get to spend every holiday together! and we both have missed our families and love to spend time with them.

here are some things that have brought me joy this christmas season:

isaac and i got our first two ornaments together for our christmas tree next year-- one is an "r" ornament (for my soon-to-be last name!) and one is a pickle....hahahahaha

playing "apples to apples" with my family--even though we get pretty competitive!

spending time with my mom after my siblings go to sleep--she's my best friend and still loves me even when i fall asleep during every movie we try to start!

going to the nutcracker with isaac and walking around temple square

watching this video that brings chills to my spine every time and reminds me of the true meaning of christmas


isaac going to his very first bowl game in his first season with the byu football team--even though i didn't go because i'm not officially a "mrs." yet, i loved that isaac got to experience that.

merry christmas everyone!

Dec 22, 2014

andes mint cookies

pocketofblossoms: andes mint cookies

pocket of blossoms presents...drumroll...the ultimate christmas cookie!!!
i'm sure most of you have heard of or made andes mint cookies before, but not like this.
there is one not-so-secret ingredient that i add to make the ultimate christmas cookie. 
so are you ready for this???

here we go!

you'll need:

1 box of chocolate devil's food cake mix
1/2 cup olive oil
1 egg
andes mints
1 bag of milk chocolate chips--the not-so-secret ingredient!

pocketofblossoms: andes mint cookies

pocketofblossoms: andes mint cookies


1.preheat the oven to 350 degrees 
2. pour bag of cake mix into bowl
3. add 1 egg
4. add 1/2 cup oil
5. mix
6. add about a quarter bag of chocolate chips--however much you want really!
7. mix again
8. form into 1 inch balls
9. pop them into the oven for 8 minutes
10. as soon as they come out of the oven, press an andes mint onto the top of each cookie and push down gently
11. after the andes mints have softened, spread them around the top and side of the cookie with a spoon
12. allow the mints to harden
13. pour a glass of cold milk and enjoy!!!

pocketofblossoms: andes mint cookies

pocketofblossoms: andes mint cookies

pocketofblossoms: andes mint cookies

pocketofblossoms: andes mint cookies

pocketofblossoms: andes mint cookies

pocketofblossoms: andes mint cookies

pocketofblossoms: andes mint cookies

pocketofblossoms: andes mint cookies

pocketofblossoms: andes mint cookies
^meet my adorable sister Hailey

the chocolate chips make it so moist, and they are definitely my go-to cookie recipe! 
so fast, so easy, so yummy.
mint is perfect for christmas!

hope you all have a merry christmas!
if you try them, let me know what you think! 
i'm sure you'll be just as addicted to them as i am.

outfit details//
jumper: from piper & scoot, sold out but here is one similar.
collared shirt: this one from old navy

Dec 21, 2014

he is the gift

pocketofblossoms: he is the gift

from the "he is the gift" video:

"the first gift...
was not wrapped,
had no bow,
wasn't purchased online,
or in a store.

the first gift of christmas...
was a simple gift,
a sacred gift,
it wasn't gold, 
or frankincense,
or myrrh.

it was a gift of love,
and life,
and peace,
and hope.

given by a father to all his children.
and so loved you,
and every single one of us.

he gave his son.

he is the christ.

he is christmas.

he is the gift.

this christmas season,
discover the gift,
embrace the gift.

'for god so loved the world,
 that he gave his only begotten son,
that whosoever believeth in him,
should not perish, but have everlasting life.'
john 3:16."

this week i challenge you all to remember the true meaning of christmas by reading the christmas story and then writing down three ways the savior has blessed your life.

he is the redeemer of the world. he suffered in gasthemene and bled from every pore, so that we can repent of our sins and return to live with god and our families for eternity.

not only did he suffer the pains of every sin,
but also every heartache, death, stress, worry, and sadness.

he is the only one who has felt what we feel.

i am forever indebted to him.

may we all remember what he has done for us and how his birth changed the world.

i strongly encourage everyone to watch this short video (which i quoted above) about the true meaning of christmas. i get chills every time i watch it, its that good!

merry christmas.

Dec 19, 2014

friday favorites

pocketofblossoms: friday favorites

happy friday everyone!
i've assembled some of my favorite things to share with you today...

...this braid tutorial from missy sue--since i've found this, i've probably braided my hair like this at least 3 times a week!

...this funny article about what every state in the u.s. is worst at-- california has the most polluted cities, real shocker there. have you seen the smog in southern california??

...this when mom isn't home video-- the little boy was crackin' me up!

...shoutout to bloglovin' for letting me follow my favorite blogs and find them all on one feed. seriously, changed my life.

...jacob's scarves blanket scarf--a necessity obviously.

...pretty little liars--i'm catching up on season 5 this christmas break, who's with me?!

...ellen challenged her reindeer mascot to the dance dare, and here's what happened--i've always wanted to submit an ellen dance dare!

...marquee letter lights--possibly for decorating for a reception in the near future....hmmm.

...c.r.e.a.m. ice cream sandwiches-- two warm cookies smushing a scoop of your favorite ice cream=happiness

Dec 15, 2014

Merry Christmas// From, Kiely & Isaac

we hope your christmas is filled with lots of family, joy, and gingerbread men.
and, of course, may we always remember the reason for the season...
the birth of our Savior, Redeemer, and friend.
merry christmas everyone!
from, kiely & isaac

pocket of blossoms: christmas card

pocket of blossoms: christmas card

pocket of blossoms: christmas card

remember when wally films did our love story video?

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