1. in our love story video, i talked about the moment i realized i wanted to marry isaac. it was during our ice skating date with some friends, and this picture was taken that night! isaac is my best friend and we love being goofy together, that's why this pic is fave #1.

2. he's sooooooooooo handsome.
 photo IMG_3101_zpsef19b969.jpg

3. isaac was having a bad day so we went to yogurtland to get froyo. he was still feeling down as we were driving home. isaac's yogurt was sitting on the dashboard and, as he came to a stop, the froyo slid off the dash and landed perfectly face up on the floor, and the yogurt splattered all over isaac's face. really sticky and gross, but it put a smile on his face and we couldn't stop laughing!
 photo IMG_3106_zps6186d695.jpg

4. because nose kisses are the best.
 photo IMG_3141_zps37f26511.jpg

5. bowling with my sweet roommates. the most artistic picture we've ever taken! (we're not real big creatives haha)
 photo IMG_3311_zps77d9b211.jpg

6. one day after church with my siblings. they're the cutest! it was fun to jam out in the car with them, all singing at the top of our lungs!
 photo IMG_3663_zpsefcb3958.jpg

7. really close seats at the A's vs. Giants game. it was so fun to go with my Aunt Kim and dad! 2010, 2012, 2014 world series champs! go giants!
 photo IMG_3704_zpsc2f4ac07.jpg

8. when i went to texas to meet isaac's family, we got to go to downtown san antonio and see the alamo!
 photo IMG_3802_zps0ca06e7f.jpg

9. because this was the best day of my life.
 photo IMG_3924_zps829d8df2.jpg

10. isaac was being naughty and chatty with his brothers during church one sunday, so i tried to lecture him after the meeting ended, but i just couldn't pretend to be mad when he was smiling at me like that! his aunt snapped this pic haha!
 photo IMG_4024_zps1b7ed8cb.jpg

11. this picture=our relationship. we also took *this picture* at general conference and it's more normal, but what's the fun in that?
 photo IMG_3359_zpsdac65aca.jpg

12. can you tell who i spend most of my time with? we were taking a picture in line at the haunted corn maze and this clown came up behind us and scared us! well scared me...and isaac laughed.
 photo IMG_8614_zps678bff02.jpg

13. halloween is usually not my thang. but it was fun to dress up with my love! can you guess what we were?
 photo IMG_4414_zpsa08f3390.jpg

14. spending the christmas season with the love of your life has got to be the best thing on planet earth.
 photo IMG_9320_zpse79ba9d5.jpg