pocket of blossoms: childish myths
a face that could give you nightmares...
the other day i was thinking about all the crazy things i believed when i was younger! ya know, things i believed that turned out to be completely false. so i decided to make a list of all the childish myths that have been busted, and see if i was the only one who believed these things!

i believed that…

melting cheese over mini pretzels in the microwave was a healthy snack…and goldfish…and bread

braces made you cool-- i would wrap silver gum wrappers around my teeth and imagine i had braces

breaking a bone was fun-- who wouldn't want all that attention?? right??

the turn signal in your car could read your mind

if i crossed my eyes and someone hit me in the back of the head, they stay crossed forever-- okay, but seriously…is that true??

sleeping with my covers on protected me more from possible intruders, than sleeping without my covers on

life would get easier after i graduated high school-- yeah right little kiely…yeah right…

when i talked towards the sky, santa would be able to hear what i wanted for christmas

traffic lights were controlled by traffic light workers in a really big control room

a watermelon could actually grow inside my stomach if i swallowed a watermelon seed

kidney beans were made of pieces of kidney

saying "keep the change" made you the coolest person ever

stuffed animals come to life when you're not looking

luckily, i'm all grown up now.
what did you guys believe when you were little??