Dec 19, 2014

friday favorites

pocketofblossoms: friday favorites

happy friday everyone!
i've assembled some of my favorite things to share with you today...

...this braid tutorial from missy sue--since i've found this, i've probably braided my hair like this at least 3 times a week!

...this funny article about what every state in the u.s. is worst at-- california has the most polluted cities, real shocker there. have you seen the smog in southern california??

...this when mom isn't home video-- the little boy was crackin' me up!

...shoutout to bloglovin' for letting me follow my favorite blogs and find them all on one feed. seriously, changed my life.

...jacob's scarves blanket scarf--a necessity obviously.

...pretty little liars--i'm catching up on season 5 this christmas break, who's with me?!

...ellen challenged her reindeer mascot to the dance dare, and here's what happened--i've always wanted to submit an ellen dance dare!

...marquee letter lights--possibly for decorating for a reception in the near future....hmmm.

...c.r.e.a.m. ice cream sandwiches-- two warm cookies smushing a scoop of your favorite ice cream=happiness


  1. your blog design is so beautiful i love it! who did your design for you? id love it if youd comment back xx

  2. Love this post! Bloglovin and Missy Sue and blanket scarfs are like my three life necessities! haha!

  3. um, we tried one of those ice cream sandwiches in palo alto last time we were visiting...and let's just say it's one of the MAIN reasons i'm happy we are moving to the bay this summer. holy cow! also - you live at liberty square? i love across the street! (on the corner of 4th and 6th) come visit & be my friend!!

  4. Love these pics. That ice cream sandwich looks AMAZING!!
    Fash Boulevard


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