Dec 24, 2014


pocketofblossoms: christmas

i don't have a cute christmas card to post today so i thought i would settle for this red-and-greenish picture of me trying to model yourfabrik's leather leggings. also, isaac and i did a christmas card video, so i think that counts! 

isaac is in texas with his family and i'm in california with mine. i have to admit...i'm a baby and i miss him already. there's a little piece of me missing when he's away, but we like to talk about how next year for christmas we'll be married and get to spend every holiday together! and we both have missed our families and love to spend time with them.

here are some things that have brought me joy this christmas season:

isaac and i got our first two ornaments together for our christmas tree next year-- one is an "r" ornament (for my soon-to-be last name!) and one is a pickle....hahahahaha

playing "apples to apples" with my family--even though we get pretty competitive!

spending time with my mom after my siblings go to sleep--she's my best friend and still loves me even when i fall asleep during every movie we try to start!

going to the nutcracker with isaac and walking around temple square

watching this video that brings chills to my spine every time and reminds me of the true meaning of christmas


isaac going to his very first bowl game in his first season with the byu football team--even though i didn't go because i'm not officially a "mrs." yet, i loved that isaac got to experience that.

merry christmas everyone!


  1. Such a lovely post!
    xoxo Antonella :)

  2. Sounds like a nice holiday! Merry Christmas.

  3. whoa whoa. where is that wall?! it's amazing!

    1. in sacramento, ca! too bad it's not in utah! :(

      xo, k

  4. ok, first of all i thought you were married already & now i feel dumb. i'm a bad blog reader! haha
    secondly, i love your pants & have been looking for some! thanks for sharing where they are from!
    third, i hope you had a merry christmas!

    1. hahaha you're so funny! thanks girl :) merry christmas!

      xo, k


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