pocket of blossoms: be kind

a couple of weeks ago, i had a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day. the gray, rainy skies in provo reflected my mood perfectly. towards the end of the day, i was talking with isaac and, after many many many many many many tears, he was able to make me feel better. i sure love him. when he finally got me smiling again, isaac told me that he had something for me.

background to this story: one night after isaac and i pulled into the parking garage after date night, we were sitting in the car gathering our things when isaac told me to close my eyes. he asked me if i ever looked into the glove compartment of my car. i told him i never really use it and closed my eyes. i heard the glove compartment open and close. i opened my eyes and isaac told me i wasn't allowed to look in the glove compartment. i promised him i would be good and not look in the glove compartment. i kept my promise and totally forgot that he even put something in there!

okay, back to the story...isaac opened the glove compartment and i remembered that he hid something in there. he pulled out a little silver box with a cute silver bow. he handed it to me to open. i took the lid off of the box and pulled out the cutest, most delicate gold necklace. it had two round charms on the chain each with an initial on it: "k" and "i." i cried. i never really noticed before but i guess i have a thing about crying when isaac gives me presents! it was the sweetest gift.

isaac told me that it was supposed to be for christmas but he felt like i should have it early. and boy was he right, that necklace and isaac's thoughtfulness completely turned my day around.

lately, i have been thinking quite a bit about kindness. a great man named thomas s. monson taught that you should never suppress a prompting.

what does he mean by prompting?

...a feeling to act

...inspiration to do a good deed or say a kind thing.

how often do we compliment someone in our mind but don't compliment them out loud? or have a feeling that a friend could use our help, but push that feeling aside? or someone in your life needs to know that they have somebody that cares about them (perhaps shown by a cute gold necklace?? haha).

pocket of blossoms: be kind

try to make a daily effort to be kind (this is definitely something i'm working on). and i'm not saying we're mean, but there is always an opportunity to make someone's day better through our kind words and deeds. hopefully while reading this post, someone came to your mind. someone that you can serve in a small way today.

the gift itself wasn't the kind deed, it was the timing. isaac knew i needed something to lift my spirits. the necklace was more than a cute accessory to me, it was a little ray of sunshine on a very gloomy day.