pocket of blossoms: wally films

pocket of blossoms: wally films

pocket of blossoms: wally films

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remember the love story video and christmas video isaac and i did?
hearing yourself talk in a video...isn't that just the worst?
i sound like such a noob in that love story!
luckily in the christmas video, you guys didn't have to hear me talk hahaha. 

but even though i'm not a movie star (shocker, i know), alix made us look pretty good! if i do say so myself! she did a great job capturing our personalities and incorporating our ideas into the videos. she was willing to go above and beyond for us, just to get the shot.

when we were filming our christmas video, we were shooting at tibble creek up american fork canyon. it's been a pretty warm winter here in utah, but it was snowing quite a bit up the canyon that day! we were searching for a tree isaac and i could decorate for the video, and the only way to get to the tree we wanted was to climb over these huge rocks.

boulders, even.

isaac helped alix and i up the rocks, and then we started on the trail along the reservoir. one slip and we would have ended up in the lake. alix had all her gear and we were worried that if she slipped that her equipment would break. it was seriously such a sketchy climb! alix slipped once and slid down a little hill, but she was okay! we made it to the most perfect little charlie brown christmas tree! she was a trooper.

my toes started sticking together because it was so cold!!! tmi?? but it turned out to be exactly how i envisioned it and isaac and i have our own little video christmas card!

thank you to alix for making non-movie stars look as close to movie stars as isaac and i can get!

here is her demo reel...3...2...1...give it up for alix!!!! (*applause*)

recognize that cute, fashionable blogger in the demo? yeah, you guessed it, it's jody beth!