pocket of blossoms: 23// the jordan year

last year, i had only known isaac for 8 days on his birthday so throwing him a huge party would have been a little creepy. but this year i had known him for 373 days!! so that's way less creepy.

i don't think i've ever been so excited to celebrate someone's birthday! i couldn't wait to give him his presents. he kept asking me if he could open just one present on the day of his birthday party because he was just so impatient! i almost let him because i was impatient too! but i wanted him to open them on his real birthday. so i made him wait.

pocket of blossoms: 23// the jordan year

the sunday night before his birthday i threw him a mini birhtday party with some of our friends! his request: funfetti birthday cake with funfetti vanilla frosting. yes, he turned 23 not 13. i personally prefer the all-american fudge cake from costco, but hey it was his birthday so i let it slide! and it was actually really yummy! funfetti is a crowd pleaser apparently. i also made my andes mint cookies. those things with milk...sparks fly in your mouth.

pocket of blossoms: 23// the jordan year

^^see that black "x" on the yellow balloon in the background?? yeah that's there because when i picked out that balloon at the party store i thought it just said "happy birthday." but when the lady blew up the balloon it apparently said "birthday girl" as well. soooooo we just crossed out the "girl" to make it say "birthday" hahahaha.

also the balloons are tied to a tennis racket. explanation: when the balloons were in the backseat of my car they kept blocking my view out the back window, so isaac finally tied them to a tennis racket and they were nice little balloons and stayed out of my way!

pocket of blossoms: 23// the jordan year

on isaac's actual birthday, we went to dinner at texas roadhouse. anyone ever had their rolls with cinnamon butter?? i'm sure you have, you haven't lived until you've had texas roadhouse rolls with cinnamon butter...

i let him open his present while we were waiting for our meal. i had put his present inside of a vase and then wrapped the vase to throw him off. inside the vase i put his tickets to the san antonio spurs vs. utah jazz game! he was so happy when he pulled the tickets out of the vase! seeing him so excited made me so happy! the game is in february, so we have to wait a long time to go, but it's something to look forward to and we are counting the days!

after we left texas roadhouse, we went to yogurtland

our first date was...

last year...

on his birthday...

at yogurtland.

so you can see why we went :)

it was fun to reminisce about our first date, what we talked about, what was going through our minds, and how far we've come since that night. man, i love him.

i had the best time celebrating isaac's birthday with him. happy 23rd birthday to the love of my life! he said since it's his "jordan year" that it's going to be a good year. i think it will be a good year too :)

p.s. i got a gopro for christmas so we had fun playing with it at yogurtland. we looked like dorks using a gopro at a frozen yogurt place!

pocket of blossoms: 23// the jordan year