Feb 28, 2015

Cake Tasting

for president's day weekend, isaac and i went to visit my family! with my dad being deployed for 6 months, it was the first time that all the people that i loved the most were all in one place. i was one happy camper! also, it was the same week as hometown dates on "the bachelor" so basically isaac and i are famous. 

our family friend tricia is making the cake for the reception and she made sample cakes for isaac and i to taste while we were in town! isaac and i were stoked. my sister got super into it and set up a cake tasting for my family after dinner! she made ballots and little signs to put by the cakes.

pocket of blossoms: cake tasting
^isn't he so cute?

pocket of blossoms: cake tasting

pocket of blossoms: cake tasting

pocket of blossoms: cake tasting
^white cake with key lime pie filling 

pocket of blossoms: cake tasting

pocket of blossoms: cake tasting
^heath bar chocolate

pocket of blossoms: cake tasting
^lime with cream cheese

pocket of blossoms: cake tasting
^yellow with strawberry filling

pocket of blossoms: cake tasting
^my cute sister hailey making ballots

pocket of blossoms: cake tasting

pocket of blossoms: cake tasting

pocket of blossoms: cake tasting

pocket of blossoms: cake tasting

pocket of blossoms: cake tasting

based on the family's votes we ranked the cakes one to five, one being the best. 
although, we all know that mine and isaac's favorite trumps everyone else's favorites.

which one was our favorite? go ahead and guess!

Feb 24, 2015

Eyelash Extensions: Yay or Nay?

pocket of blossoms: eyelash extensions

helloooo party people!
have you ever wanted to try eyelash extensions, but are too scared or find them too expensive for a trial run?

today i am going to talk a little about some pros and cons of eyelash extensions!
i got extensions two days before my engagement pictures so that my lashes would be full and long. i think sometimes eyelashes fade away in pictures because of distance or lighting. i went to sirene lash in provo. she has a mini salon in her basement with one of those fancy salon chairs (sweet right?)! something i'm slightly embarrassed about, but i find completely natural, is that i fell asleep while she was putting on my lashes! haha the process takes about an hour and a half of lying back in a chair with your eyes closed. so naturally...sleeping is an option. okay, let's get to it!


-no makeup necessary// the whole time i had the extensions i didn't have to do my makeup...sometimes i put on some foundation and did my eyebrows, but that's about it!

-last all day// my mascara usually wilts away by the end of the day, but with extensions you have beautiful, voluminous lashes all day, every day.

-visible in pictures// a lot of the time my eyelashes do not stand out in pictures the way i'd like them to, and eyeliner makes me look scary so that's a no go, but the extensions stand out and looked amazing for engagement pictures!


-can't rub your eye// i love being able to rub my eyes when i'm tired, or when i get water in them in the shower, but with extensions you can't because you'll pull the lashes out...and most likely your natural lashes out with them

-spot clean face// because i was not able to rub my eye, it was difficult for me to wash my face.

-sparse towards end//the extensions will fall out by themselves if you don't use eyelash glue remover, so around two and a half weeks after the application they start thinning out. this means that the outside part of your eye could have a lot of lashes holding on strong, but the inner part have no lashes left. and maybe it's vice versa on the other eye. so it looks weird and it's hard to salvage.

one way to remove the extensions that i found successful was...

taking a hot shower so the steam loosens up the glue
then rub eyelashes with olive oil on a cotton ball
pull gently.

conclusion: weigh the pros and cons and decide for yourself if eyelash extensions are worth it for you! some ladies fill them regularly and some get them for special occasions.

if you want to try eyelash extensions and are in utah county, then try sirene lash! she's so awesome that she put me to sleep while she was putting my extensions on...what more could you ask for?
has anyone else tried eyelash extensions before? let me know what you girls think of them!

Feb 19, 2015

Happy Dateaversary

pocket of blossoms: happy dateaversary

February 2014 -> February 2015
last year byu rugby had a match that was close by where i am from, so isaac came because he was on the rugby team then. this was a week after we started dating and he came and met my parents for the first time! a little soon for the parentals, but if he was going to be in northern california he had to come and meet them. this president's day weekend he came home with me again, a lot has changed since then! life is so good!

isaac and i have never celebrated "month anniversaries" because well that's just lame haha. but we thought it was cool that we got to celebrate a year of being together before we get married, so we wanted to do something!

i kept asking isaac what we were doing to celebrate and he would brush it off every time i asked...
"honey we're going to have a lot of homework"
"i told so and so we would do blah blah with them"
"i'm going to have to work late."

to say i was disappointed was a huge understatement. i didn't really expect anything grand but at least a froyo/movie night would suffice!

so fast forward to our dateaversary (what a funny word hahaha)...
i hadn't given up on making some last minute celebration plans and i was bugging him all day long. he just kept giving me the same excuses as he was dropping me off at work and i was all huffy puffy. i was walking up to the testing center when my friend rachel called me. she asked me if i wanted to grab lunch with her before we went to work, so the two of us went to guru's in downtown.

when we eventually got to work, i clocked in and put on my name tag. rachel burst out, "i can't take it anymore!" and she pointed to a rose sitting on the filing cabinet. right away i knew what it was. isaac gives me roses like they're going out of style. if i were walking down the street and there were a random rose in my path, there would be no doubt in my mind that it was from isaac haha.

i opened the note and read..."hi honey! you thought i wouldn't plan anything??....you'll find that your shift is covered, so you can go home and relax...there's a surprise waiting for you in your room...pick you up at 7:45...love you!"

rachel started laughing and i just smiled and clocked out. rachel drove me home and i found this on my bed...

pocket of blossoms: happy dateaversary

my heart might have melted a little bit. okay, a lot melty! i cleaned my room, relaxed, and then started to get ready for our date. you should've seen me. i was like a little school girl, all giddy! i felt like i was getting ready for our first date because i was sooo excited! i curled my hair, did my makeup, and then put on the dress and jewelry isaac picked out for me. my heart skipped a beat when i heard the knock on the door. isaac looked so handsome!

we went to dinner at la jolla groves and it was absolutely delicious. we both had the lemon roasted chicken with garlic mashed potatoes and steamed vegetables. mashed potatoes are my favorite. i love them. i love going out to eat with isaac because kiely-isaac-relaxy-talky time is hard to come by these days with our busy schedules. 

he secretly had rachel taking pictures of us through the window because he knows i love pictures. seriously hilarious and props to my love for going above and beyond the call of duty.

pocket of blossoms: happy dateaversary

(that guy to the left of us...yeah he was a lip-smacker-eater....need i say more)

pocket of blossoms: happy dateaversary

pocket of blossoms: happy dateaversary

after dinner, we rented a redbox, made pazookies, and snuggled.

pocket of blossoms: happy dateaversary he knows exactly how to plan the best date ever. before our date isaac texted me telling me to bring comfy clothes to change into after, i didn't know what we were doing yet, but when i read "comfy clothes" i knew this was going to be the best night of my life! and it was. i love him so much. we have the best time together and i'm lucky to be in love with my best friend.

happy dateaversary to us!

Feb 8, 2015

I Know That My Savior Loves Me

pocket of blossoms: i know that my savior loves me
Reflections of Christ

whenever i go home for the weekend, i hang out with my mom in primary with all the cute little kids. there is one particular song i love that they sing often called "i know that my savior loves me." the words are precious and the melody is beautiful. i get a little teary-eyed every time i hear it. 

this weekend sister elaine s. dalton, who used to be the young women's president for the church of jesus christ of latter-day saints, came to speak to the women of byu. she gave a touching talk. one of my favorite things that she said came from a quote by elder nelson..

"imminently, your influence and that of all young women of the church, like a sleeping giant, will awaken, arise, and inspire the inhabitants of the earth as a mighty force for righteousness."

i love that.

sister dalton testified of the savior's love for each of his daughters. she also reminded us that when the savior appears we will know him because we will be like him.

"we shall be like him; for we shall see him as he is...and every man that hath this hope in him purifieth himself, even as he is pure."
moroni 7:48

then after sister dalton addressed us, we closed the meeting by singing the primary song i know and love, "i know that my savior loves me."

a long time ago in a beautiful place,
children were gathered 'round jesus.
he blessed and taught as they felt of his love.
each saw the tears on his face.
the love that he felt for his little ones.
i know he feels for me.
i did not touch him or sit on his knee, 
yet jesus is real to me.

i know he lives!
i will follow faithfully.
my heart i give to him. 
i know that my savior loves me.

now i am here in this beautiful place,
learning the teachings of jesus
parents and teachers will help guide the way,
lighting my path every day.
wrapped in the arms of my savior's love,
i feel his gentle touch.
living each day, i will follow his way,
home to my father above.

i know he lives!
i will follow faithfully.
my heart i give to him. 
i know that my savior loves me.

i just loveeeeeee this song! it makes me so happy. my favorite part of the song is this line..."i did not touch him or sit on his knee, yet jesus is real to me."

the savior is not just a character in a story. or a man who only lived long ago.

i testify that our savior lives! he lives, and he loves us. i have been extremely blessed to tangibly feel his presence in my life. everything i have and everything i am is because he lived and atoned for the sins of the world. i am eternally indebted to him. i know he is aware of each and every one of us.

i'm grateful for my personal relationship with the savior.
this song reminds me how much i love him.
i encourage you all to read the lyrics as you listen to the song.
i hope you can feel the same spirit and happiness that i feel when i listen to it.

Feb 4, 2015

Bye January

what i loved about january...

-seeing isaac again after christmas break

pocket of blossoms: bye january

-taking engagement pictures with carli hobson photography...carli posted this preview on facebook and i just about died of happiness! i cannot wait to see the rest!

pocket of blossoms: bye january

-my dad coming home from deployment!!!

pocket of blossoms: bye january

-a spontaneous road trip to california with isaac for mlk day

pocket of blossoms: bye january

-celebrating isaac's birthday by recreating our first date (which was last year on his birthday!)

pocket of blossoms: bye january

-discovering "the puppy barn"

pocket of blossoms: bye january

2015 is off to a real good start, and i don't want to jump the gun...but i'm thinking this will be the best year ever.

Feb 2, 2015

Love Story Giveaway With Wally Films

pocket of blossoms: love story giveaway

you guys, i am so excited about this giveaway! isaac and i had a great time shooting our love story video with alix, and i can't wait for another couple to tell their story in such a fun and creative way!

you can enter the giveaway on my instagram (username: @kielyedmonds)! giveaway ends february 13th at 11:59 pm most, and the winner will be announced on valentines day!

alix made this sweet video to introduce herself- click play to see her smiling face!

can't wait to see all the entries! comment if you have any questions! and for a little more incentive to enter, here is the video alix made for isaac and i. it was so fun! take a look...

wally films:

giveaway picture by stephanie nichols photography
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