Feb 24, 2015

Eyelash Extensions: Yay or Nay?

pocket of blossoms: eyelash extensions

helloooo party people!
have you ever wanted to try eyelash extensions, but are too scared or find them too expensive for a trial run?

today i am going to talk a little about some pros and cons of eyelash extensions!
i got extensions two days before my engagement pictures so that my lashes would be full and long. i think sometimes eyelashes fade away in pictures because of distance or lighting. i went to sirene lash in provo. she has a mini salon in her basement with one of those fancy salon chairs (sweet right?)! something i'm slightly embarrassed about, but i find completely natural, is that i fell asleep while she was putting on my lashes! haha the process takes about an hour and a half of lying back in a chair with your eyes closed. so naturally...sleeping is an option. okay, let's get to it!


-no makeup necessary// the whole time i had the extensions i didn't have to do my makeup...sometimes i put on some foundation and did my eyebrows, but that's about it!

-last all day// my mascara usually wilts away by the end of the day, but with extensions you have beautiful, voluminous lashes all day, every day.

-visible in pictures// a lot of the time my eyelashes do not stand out in pictures the way i'd like them to, and eyeliner makes me look scary so that's a no go, but the extensions stand out and looked amazing for engagement pictures!


-can't rub your eye// i love being able to rub my eyes when i'm tired, or when i get water in them in the shower, but with extensions you can't because you'll pull the lashes out...and most likely your natural lashes out with them

-spot clean face// because i was not able to rub my eye, it was difficult for me to wash my face.

-sparse towards end//the extensions will fall out by themselves if you don't use eyelash glue remover, so around two and a half weeks after the application they start thinning out. this means that the outside part of your eye could have a lot of lashes holding on strong, but the inner part have no lashes left. and maybe it's vice versa on the other eye. so it looks weird and it's hard to salvage.

one way to remove the extensions that i found successful was...

taking a hot shower so the steam loosens up the glue
then rub eyelashes with olive oil on a cotton ball
pull gently.

conclusion: weigh the pros and cons and decide for yourself if eyelash extensions are worth it for you! some ladies fill them regularly and some get them for special occasions.

if you want to try eyelash extensions and are in utah county, then try sirene lash! she's so awesome that she put me to sleep while she was putting my extensions on...what more could you ask for?
has anyone else tried eyelash extensions before? let me know what you girls think of them!


  1. my friend has eyelash extensions and they look amazing on her, but i dont think id like to have them myself. id love it if youd comment back http://www.amyelizabethfashion.com/2015/02/juggling-life.html xx

  2. oh you are rockin' those. i got them for my wedding and they photograph sooo well. i'm with you on that one. if i had money i would probably have them and get them filled and all that. one day, one day haha.

  3. I got them right before my wedding and I loved how they looked, but I couldn't ever justify getting a fill/having them done again because it's so expensive! If I had tons of extra money laying around I'd definitely keep up with it though.

  4. I loooove eyelash extensions! i've had them for 2 years now and I can't imagine life without them! hahah! now I get them for free because I swap my eyelash girl for tutoring her little girl. but MAN i love love love love them!!! ESPECIALLY IN THE SUMMER!!!

    Simply Sutter

  6. i'm thinking i'm going to try half extension next time i get them!

  7. do you swim with them on? i just might have to get them for the summer!

  8. super expensive, especially when i can barely afford to feed myself ;) hahaha

  9. the money, so true! i'm going for the glue ons for my wedding day!

  10. it's definitely not for everyone! thanks for your comment :)

  11. Wow, these look really amazing! I would love to get them, but I agree, not being able to rub my eyes would drive me crazy!



  12. I've always wanted to try them!! And, I kinda want them for our cruise in May, HA! How were her prices!?


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