pits and peaks

| pits |

my car not starting, taking it to the mechanic only to have it start for them--by the way, my car is named "allison" and that's what she will be known as from now on. does anyone else name their car?

almost throwing up 5 times this week--i have a huge fear of throw-up, and let's just say a few tears were shed. isaac told my roommate marissa that he's never seen such willpower like mine when i'm trying not to throw up. mind over matter people!

| peaks |

meeting isaac for dinner before he went to work-- even two minutes with him is enough to make me happy, but a whole hour?! i was on cloud 9.

the gorgeous cherry blossoms showin' everyone what they're made of-- i have to resist taking 175937451957 pictures of them.

going to isaac's intramural games--i love a man who plays sport, and plays sports well.

showering 30 minutes before i had to leave for class and showing up with wet hair--no need to dry it, i got a fiancé! mission accomplished. okay, that's a joke. i promise i usually look better, it was just a rushed morning!