Mar 23, 2015

Pretty in Peplum

*discount code at the end*

anyone close to me knows that i am obsessed with 3 things.

1. snickerdoodle cookies
2. nordstrom
3. peplum. peplum anything. 

seriously, take me to nordstrom, give me a warm snickerdoodle cookie, and buy me a peplum shirt/skirt/dress, i'll be your best friend forever and ever.

being so peplum-obsessed means that i am super picky about the peplums i buy. lots of stores sell some pretty sub-par peplums if you ask me! let's talk about the perfect peplum (does that sound ditzy or what?) must be stylish and comfy, but most importantly the peplum must not droop! nothing is worse than a droopy peplum, take it from me.

this is no joke people! i actually love peplums that much, and i found the perfect one

drumroll please...

 photo 20150220-0562_zps3jccvmjb.jpg

 photo 20150220-0589_zpszoh0kmaf.jpg

 photo 20150220-0576_zpskfykzqok.jpg

 photo 20150220-0518_zpsopvuyiga.jpg

this perfect peplum and these gorg turquoise earrings (that i wore for engagement pictures) are both from the pink armoire!

use discount code "pocket20" for 20% off your entire first purchase!
more from the pink armoire coming next week, along with my picks of best items in the shop!

photo cred goes to the amazing stephanie nichols!


  1. i love the word peplum ahah.

  2. Lovely post! Wishing you a fabulous Monday! XO.

    Evolution of Glam

  3. Love that the peplum trend is going strong! They are so fun and flattering!
    Thrift and Shout

  4. they are soooooo fun! and they are perfect for days where you ate a lot of dessert the night before, hide the tummy pretty well ;)

    xo, k

  5. I can never find a peplum anything that doesn't just look weird on me. You look so great!

  6. As a non-peplum expert, I really appreciate this helpful guide! I have never been able to find a version I love and now I know why. Love the shirt on you and will now be searching the stores like a madwoman for one of my very own. *sigh*



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