pocket of blossoms: the bet

this time of year has brought back so many memories of when isaac and i were just barely falling in love last year. the other day i remembered this funny moment with isaac and i wanted to blog it so that i never forget it.

we were shooting around in the basketball court by our apartment complex being all flirty and stuff. isaac attempted a couple half-court shots and missed them. he turns to me and says "if i make this next one, then i have to do something." he didn't tell me what that "something" was, but he had it in his head. he got in position, attempted, and made it. i instantly screamed "ohhhhhhh" and started jumping and running around. isaac just kinda stood there with a nervous smile on his face. i started trying to wrestle what the bet was out of isaac...literally. he would not tell me. he said he would tell me later, which is code for he hopes i forget and he'll never tell me. but i didn't forget. i set a reminder on my phone for every day and i bugged him for weeks. i forgot after a little bit. he eventually told me what the bet was after we got engaged...6 months later. the bet: if he made the half-court shot, he would have to finally summon up the courage to tell me he loved me.

of course he didn't tell me that he loved me right then (it was still a cute bet though), because he was a little chicken. but when he did, my heart melted into a puddle. i love this boy so much and i'm so lucky he fell in love with me too.