Apr 27, 2015

Welcome Home Dad!

i'm finally home with my family after the semester ended and i finally got my hands on these pictures! back in january, my dad returned from his six month deployment with the air force (you can read a little more about how that affected our family HERE). i flew home to welcome him back with the rest of my family, and i'm glad i was there! we were so ready to have him home!

pocket of blossoms: welcome home dad
^my cute cousins made this sign by tracing their hands

pocket of blossoms: welcome home dad

pocket of blossoms: welcome home dad

pocket of blossoms: welcome home dad

pocket of blossoms: welcome home dad
^the airport is set up so that arriving passengers ride down an escalator towards baggage claim, but a walkway on the second floor blocks the top of it, so we were on the ground looking for him most of the time!

pocket of blossoms: welcome home dad
^first sighting!

pocket of blossoms: welcome home dad

pocket of blossoms: welcome home dad

pocket of blossoms: welcome home dad

pocket of blossoms: welcome home dad

pocket of blossoms: welcome home dad

pocket of blossoms: welcome home dad

pocket of blossoms: welcome home dad
^i'm a daddy's girl.

pocket of blossoms: welcome home dad

pocket of blossoms: welcome home dad

pocket of blossoms: welcome home dad

pocket of blossoms: welcome home dad

pocket of blossoms: welcome home dad

pocket of blossoms: welcome home dad
^my dad and grandparents

pocket of blossoms: welcome home dad
^who do i look like more?

pocket of blossoms: welcome home dad

when my dad came down the stairs, there was cheering and then a sudden reverence. it was amazing. such an unforgettable moment, i'm so proud of my dad!

Apr 23, 2015

Well Hello

well, hello there!

i feel like i've been a little bit absent on the blogsphere this past week. but i've had a great reason! last week was finals week...dun dun dun. and i had to move everything out of my apartment! dun dun dun dun dun dun. if there is one thing i absolutely despise in this world, it's packing. 

but i got it over with and now i'm headed back home! next time i see isaac it will be wedding week!! we might have teared up a little bit when we were saying goodbye, but we are really excited for what the next couple weeks holds for us! 

gots to go, boarding time! i just wanted to say hello and also mention that, yes, i am still alive!

(here is a picture of my hot fiancé! i can't wait to marry him!)

Apr 15, 2015

Noonday Collection Giveaway

pocket of blossoms: noonday collection

pre-side note: isaac and i went to the tulip festival this weekend, walked up to the front desk, saw the admission price, and walked out the way we came in. thirty bucks to look at flowers?! i think not. so we pretended we went and took some pictures of the tulips in the front!

pocket of blossoms: noonday collection

a couple of weeks ago, my cousin, evita, contacted me to do a giveaway for a brand she works with called noonday collection. noonday collection is a brand that employs artisans from countries around the world who might not have the resources and accessibility to the worldwide market. by purchasing jewelry from noonday collection, you are helping a humble artisan somewhere in the world. meaningful opportunities are created in vulnerable communities. noonday also supports families wanting to adopt by hosting fundraisers. they are truly making a difference for women and families around the world.

pocket of blossoms: noonday collection

if there is one thing that i can't resist more than froyo, it's supporting a great cause. i love all that noonday stands for and provides for the people they support! and let me be the first to say that noonday's jewelry collection is so uniquely beautiful. there are so many fun pieces! 

pocket of blossoms: noonday collection

i am thrilled to be hosting a noonday collection giveaway!!

make sure you enter by:
1. commenting on this blog post with an act of service that you can do this week
2. visiting the noonday collection facebook fan page

enter by using the rafflecopter widget below:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

the winner will win their choice of the neutral bangle set or the neon necklace. contest ends 12:00 am mst on april 20, 2015.

good luck!

pocket of blossoms: noonday collection

Apr 13, 2015

Expiration Date

lately, i have been obsessed with expiration dates. when i go grocery shopping, i check the expiration date on every single thing i buy. not because i want to make sure it will be good for a long time, but because i like to see if the expiration date is after may 9th (mine and isaac's wedding day). 

this is what goes through my head:

"oh this yogurt expires may 12th...i'll be married for three days by then..."
"this milk expires on april 17th...that's six days before i go home to get married two weeks later..."
"eggs expire may 4th...i'm getting married five days after that..."

everything points to that day.
i'm just a little bit excited.
this past week we hit the one month countdown till our wedding.
ahhhhhhhhhh i can barely contain myself!

as of right now we are at 25 days until may 9th,
so for now i will just keep obsessing over expirations dates.
not weird. not weird at all.

Apr 10, 2015

Pits and Peaks: Week 2

pocket of blossoms: firmoo


feeling sick. again.

physics test, blehhhhhhhh.

never ever getting enough sleep.

pocket of blossoms: firmoo


isaac using my hand as a walkie-talkie-- "kkkhhhh...come in. kiely's cute, over. khhhhhhh. yeah she's really pretty, khhhhhhh." i could not wipe the smile off of my face!

reaching our one month countdown to our wedding--finally! after 245 days since getting engaged, we are finally 30 days away from marriage!!!!

wearing these firmoo glasses--isaac likes it when i wear these glasses! i'm not used to wearing glasses (because i only wear my pair to drive at night), but i like these ones from firmoo! they are surprisingly really comfy! and i think the shape of them works well with my face, which is a miracle! i have the hardest time finding glasses/sunglasses that i think look good with my face shape! they have a 50% off two frames sale going on right now, so go ahead and browse through their awesomeness.

happy happy friday people!

Apr 9, 2015

Pocket of Blossoms' Ultimate Spring Accessories

heyooooooo! i am pumped for spring. yesterday it snowed a bit where i live so that's super stinky! i don't know what it is, but i have been obsessing over pastel pink and blue lately. so spring-y to me!

here are my ultimate spring accessory picks...

pocket of blossoms' ultimate spring accessories

powder pink handbag- h&m is killing it with the handbags this year! they have tons of bags that look exactly like designer bags, but are sooooo much cheaper! and like i said before, i'm a sucker for pastel pink. 

mac cinderella collection lipstick- how charming is this tube of lipstick? side note, the movie was perfection. go see it! i love this lipstick in the 'royal ball' shade, which is a fleshy pink. so gorgeous!

freyrs vintage fashion round sunglasses- these glasses are $10!!!!!!! wut wut! my goal this summer is to be brave and try different styles of sunglasses. freyrs has an amazing collection of sunglasses that would fit any style, and with their prices you could have a pair of sunglasses for every occasion! 

gold tone turquoise stud earrings- i don't know if i even need to say anything about these earrings. darling. nuff said.

floppy hat- because floppy hats are a must in the springtime!

and last but not least...

alex and ani 'lotus peace petals' expandable bangle - i've heard a lot about alex and ani, and i have always wanted one of their bangles! i found this bangle for a cheaper price on west egg. they sell designer accessories and jewelry for non-designer prices. they sell women's and men's items! there is a tie on west egg that i am eyeing for isaac to wear to our wedding. (big side note: i'm getting married in exactly one month...whoa).
if you're in the market for a new watch, west egg has a couple michael kors' watches that are available. for spring, i love the all rose-gold watch, or the white-rose-gold combo watch! but let's be honest about why we wear a watch...do we really use it to tell time?? no! it's only for looks. obvs.
search the hashtag "#becomethemodel" on instagram to see what items past customers are lovin'! some of my favorite brands they have in stock are: asos, kate spade, j.crew, ray-ban, and steve madden. new brands are introduced periodically as well!
visit the "suggest" page on west egg to vote for items that you would like to see in the shop! cool right? i went and voted for the lululemon workout tank because 1) i love to workout and 2) lululemon makes me drool. there are also tons of cute bags to vote for, even chanel mascara! i didn't even know chanel sold mascara...this is like a whole new world.
west egg gave me a super secret discount code to share with all of you beautiful people! here it is... use code 'wearwestegg' to get 10% off any item!

*this post was sponsored by west egg, however its awesomeness is not fiction. translation: all opinions are my own peeps!

Apr 7, 2015


every april and october, my church has a general conference, a meeting in salt lake that is broadcasted all over the world where we are taught by our church leaders. general conference was this past saturday and sunday. each day has two sessions that are two hours long with a two hour break in between sessions. it sounds like a lot of church, but i seriously look forward to it. 

we get to watch church on our tv in our jammies, how cool is that? the messages that the leaders share are so inspiring and strengthen my testimony of the reality of my Savior and of my Heavenly Father. 

this year the sunday session of general conference fell on easter sunday. it was perfect. i was able to focus so much on the Savior and why we celebrate easter. it isn't to get new outfits and show them off at church. or to hunt for easter eggs hidden around the yard. or to eat a whole bag of starburst jellybeans (guilty as charged). 

we celebrate easter to celebrate our Savior, Redeemer, and friend, Jesus Christ. i am forever indebted to Him for all that He has done for me.

because of him...

i can live again after i die,
i can be with my family forever,
i can be sealed to my love in the temple of god for time and all eternity,
i can have second chances,
i can receive comfort and endless mercy.

i love Him with all my heart. i don't know where i would be without my Savior's love. 

watch the videos above! it it truly inspiring for all who believe in Christ. our beliefs are the same. 
He came to earth. 
He lived.
He taught.
He healed the sick and afflicted.
He suffered for our sins in the garden of gethsemane.
He died on calvary's cross.
He rose on the third day. 
He lives today.
He is always with us.

this i know.

Apr 3, 2015


a couple of weekends ago, isaac and i spent a saturday in salt lake! i think i've mentioned this before, but we love salt lake. it's big enough to feel like the city, but it's not too crowded and it's clean! we started off the day by watching the byu vs. utah rugby game (isaac used to play rugby for byu, so he wanted to go support his peeps). if any of you have ever watched rugby before...it's pretty intense. these guys are tough. 

side note: my first encounter with rugby was last winter when isaac was in california meeting my family. we went to watch byu play st. mary's. so i just sat there absolutely clueless, while isaac was cheering...cheering sounds so feminine, let's say yelling for his bros...is that better? anyways! this st. mary's player got plowed by a byu player right in front of us. he stayed on the ground in child's pose position and his teammates start yelling at him. "get up! get up!" this dude starts puking. "get up! come on!" more puking, gasping for air, curling in a ball. the athletic trainers run onto the field and help him, but does the game stop? no. pshhh. of course not. the show must go on! it was so shocking. i was just a little horrified. 

okay, back to our weekend in salt lake. we went to the rugby game and didn't take any pictures there because sometimes you just gotta enjoy the moment. so just imagine isaac and i sitting on the grass and watching the game amongst all the intense utah fans.

on the way to the game, isaac pointed out a "corner bakery" that was nearby the campus. i gasped and about cried. i love corner bakery. my family used to live in maryland and we would go to corner bakery with my great-grandparents for dinner sometimes. it is a classic sandwich, soup, and salad place. my favorite kind of place. so delicious!! after the game was over, we went to corner bakery for lunch and had the chicken pomodori panini. yum yum yum. i made isaac a corner bakery believer. we didn't take any pictures of our food, because we ate it before the waiter even said "can i get you anything else?"

pocket of blossoms: tandem

after lunch, we drove into salt lake and rented a tandem bike from slc bicycle company. we wore the dorkiest rental helmets and got our instructions because neither of us had ever ridden a tandem bike before. the lady said, if nothing else, remember that the person in the back needs to keep their feet on the pedals when coming to a stop. this is because if the front person takes off without letting the back person know...whack! the back person's shins are toast. eeeek. it was really hard at first to take off and kinda scary because i couldn't really see past isaac. one time he stood up on the pedals and the wheels started to swivel a little bit, and i freaked out! he wasn't allowed to stand up from then on.

pocket of blossoms: tandem

pocket of blossoms: tandem

we rode from the rental place all the way up the hill to the capitol. utah is full of mountains, so it wasn't just a hill, it was a paved mountain! basically. we were panting, it was so tough! but when we made it, the view was beautiful. i had never been up to the capitol before and i really liked it. the cherry blossoms were beautiful! when we were riding back to return the bike, we got a little brave and rode in the street with all the cars. we did pretty well, but i'm sure the drivers were really annoyed! it was so fun. we were singing and yelling the whole way back.

pocket of blossoms: tandem

pocket of blossoms: tandem

pocket of blossoms: tandem

pocket of blossoms: tandem

and obviously a weekend is not complete without stopping by yogurtland. i get a little emotional if i don't have my weekend froyo. we were too full for dinner, but definitely not too full for yogurtland!

Apr 1, 2015

Black Polka-Dot

black polka dot skirt

black polka dot skirt

black polka dot skirt

black polka dot skirt

i have a cream tulle skirt that i love, but i thought it was more of a spring or summer skirt, so i was happy to find a tulle skirt that works for wintertime! i absolutely love the black polka dot detail and is so comfy! it's from the pink armoire! remember the perfect peplum i shared last week? the peplum was from the pink armoire as well, so props to them for having amazing clothing!

also, i wear my toms wedges all day errday. i can't help it.

remember to use "pocket20" for 20% off your entire first purchase!

photos by stephanie nichols

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