every april and october, my church has a general conference, a meeting in salt lake that is broadcasted all over the world where we are taught by our church leaders. general conference was this past saturday and sunday. each day has two sessions that are two hours long with a two hour break in between sessions. it sounds like a lot of church, but i seriously look forward to it. 

we get to watch church on our tv in our jammies, how cool is that? the messages that the leaders share are so inspiring and strengthen my testimony of the reality of my Savior and of my Heavenly Father. 

this year the sunday session of general conference fell on easter sunday. it was perfect. i was able to focus so much on the Savior and why we celebrate easter. it isn't to get new outfits and show them off at church. or to hunt for easter eggs hidden around the yard. or to eat a whole bag of starburst jellybeans (guilty as charged). 

we celebrate easter to celebrate our Savior, Redeemer, and friend, Jesus Christ. i am forever indebted to Him for all that He has done for me.

because of him...

i can live again after i die,
i can be with my family forever,
i can be sealed to my love in the temple of god for time and all eternity,
i can have second chances,
i can receive comfort and endless mercy.

i love Him with all my heart. i don't know where i would be without my Savior's love. 

watch the videos above! it it truly inspiring for all who believe in Christ. our beliefs are the same. 
He came to earth. 
He lived.
He taught.
He healed the sick and afflicted.
He suffered for our sins in the garden of gethsemane.
He died on calvary's cross.
He rose on the third day. 
He lives today.
He is always with us.

this i know.