lately, i have been obsessed with expiration dates. when i go grocery shopping, i check the expiration date on every single thing i buy. not because i want to make sure it will be good for a long time, but because i like to see if the expiration date is after may 9th (mine and isaac's wedding day). 

this is what goes through my head:

"oh this yogurt expires may 12th...i'll be married for three days by then..."
"this milk expires on april 17th...that's six days before i go home to get married two weeks later..."
"eggs expire may 4th...i'm getting married five days after that..."

everything points to that day.
i'm just a little bit excited.
this past week we hit the one month countdown till our wedding.
ahhhhhhhhhh i can barely contain myself!

as of right now we are at 25 days until may 9th,
so for now i will just keep obsessing over expirations dates.
not weird. not weird at all.