Apr 13, 2015

Expiration Date

lately, i have been obsessed with expiration dates. when i go grocery shopping, i check the expiration date on every single thing i buy. not because i want to make sure it will be good for a long time, but because i like to see if the expiration date is after may 9th (mine and isaac's wedding day). 

this is what goes through my head:

"oh this yogurt expires may 12th...i'll be married for three days by then..."
"this milk expires on april 17th...that's six days before i go home to get married two weeks later..."
"eggs expire may 4th...i'm getting married five days after that..."

everything points to that day.
i'm just a little bit excited.
this past week we hit the one month countdown till our wedding.
ahhhhhhhhhh i can barely contain myself!

as of right now we are at 25 days until may 9th,
so for now i will just keep obsessing over expirations dates.
not weird. not weird at all.


  1. That so exciting!! I can't blame you for having everything point to that day... getting married is the absolute best!! Also, I am loving your hat in that picture (currently I am obsessed with hats). You and your fiancé are adorable!



  2. haha! WOW. you are very excited to get married!!

  3. Is that Liberty Square in the background? I lived there my sophomore year of college.

  4. You are the cutest! And wow that is so exciting that your wedding is so so soon!! Time goes so fast before you know it, you'll have been married for a month.. then two months... then a year! Nathan and I have been married for two and almost 1/2 years! Craziness.

  5. it's finally coming up!!! that's what i've heard! i've liked being engaged for so long because we were able to enjoy just being engaged :)

  6. thank you samantha!! it was like 10 bucks from pac sun, you should see if they still have it, best purchase ever!

  7. Being married is the bombdiggity! I'm so excited for you especially since you are SO close!!


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