pocket of blossoms: firmoo


feeling sick. again.

physics test, blehhhhhhhh.

never ever getting enough sleep.

pocket of blossoms: firmoo


isaac using my hand as a walkie-talkie-- "kkkhhhh...come in. kiely's cute, over. khhhhhhh. yeah she's really pretty, khhhhhhh." i could not wipe the smile off of my face!

reaching our one month countdown to our wedding--finally! after 245 days since getting engaged, we are finally 30 days away from marriage!!!!

wearing these firmoo glasses--isaac likes it when i wear these glasses! i'm not used to wearing glasses (because i only wear my pair to drive at night), but i like these ones from firmoo! they are surprisingly really comfy! and i think the shape of them works well with my face, which is a miracle! i have the hardest time finding glasses/sunglasses that i think look good with my face shape! they have a 50% off two frames sale going on right now, so go ahead and browse through their awesomeness.

happy happy friday people!