This past month has been crazy busy for Isaac and I! We had a couple rare, free days to relax before work started, and so we decided to spend a day in San Francisco exploring. Isaac proposed to me in San Francisco but he has only been to the spot where he proposed, so it was fun to show him around. 

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Our first stop was the "painted ladies." I was excited to see these because I'm a Full House fan and I had seen lots of adorable pictures of the homes. 

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There is a park across the street from the houses and Isaac and I had fun walking and people-watching around the park.

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^There is not point to this picture except for the fact that I'm in love with my new sunnies haha.

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Pier 39 has always been one of my favorite SF places to visit. They have the cutest mini farmer's market with tons of yummy fruit. There were individual strawberries with extra long stems and little chocolate containers for sale for chocolate dipped strawberries! YUM.

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We bought some cherries to snack on because we were hungry and they were delicious, but so expensive! I think we paid close to $12 for that little bag. That's how hungry we were...

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Isaac thought the sea lions were hilarious! He loved watching them try to push each other off the docks.

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We finished with dinner at Boudin. If you're ever in SF, Boudin is a must! They have amazing clam chowder. My favorite sandwich is the turkey avocado and I get the spring salad on the side. I'm obsessed with that place! Also, this cute map was up in Boudin of all the picnic areas in Fisherman's Wharf area. Going to all of those picnic areas is definitely on our summer bucket list now!