Ever since Isaac and I got engaged, I've been obsessed with home decor! Usually when I'm at Target, I head straight for the juniors clothing section, but I've added the home section to my route (P.S. THIS VIDEO shows my exact thoughts while I'm shopping at Target). If you follow me on Pinterest, you've probably noticed that I've been pinning a ton of home inspiration! Isaac and I just signed the contract for our new apartment and I cannot wait to decorate it! Yeah, I'm just obsessed.

If you guys have any ideas or tricks about decorating a small apartment and making the most of the space, or any home DIYs you love....SHARE THEM WITH ME. 

Here is some of my {pin}spiration:

KITCHEN (left to right, top to bottom)// stylized tiered server// pasta in apothecary jars on the counter// hanging greenery// DIY letters// SUCCULENTS// flowers arranged in unique vases

 photo LIVING ROOM INSPO_zpsqhpjkovs.png

LIVING ROOM (left to right, top to bottom)// DIY Ikea bookcase, styling perfection// handprinted globes// gallery wall, obvs// whimsical, stylized coffee table

 photo BEDROOM INSPO_zpseif7f21e.png

BEDROOM (left to right, top to bottom)// neutral toned pillows// a splash of pink and a modern bedside lamp// airy colors// DIY vanity area

These photos are way more elegant than our apartment will ever be, but I love the main idea of each one. 

Light, airy, whimsical, simple, clean.
That is exactly what I'm going for. I liked making these collages because they helped me to organize my thoughts. Now when I am shopping for home decor, I know exactly what I'm looking for and I won't purchase items that don't fit my theme or something that I'll never use. 

I am so excited for Isaac and I to decorate our first apartment together! I already have so many DIY projects in mind for Isaac. He's going to be a busy hubby!

What are your favorite stores to buy home decor? What are your favorite DIYs?

*all images via Pinterest