Jul 10, 2015

Bloggy Friends

bloggy friends

Today I wanted to introduce a few of my favorite bloggy friends to you! Have I ever met them? Not necessarily, but these are blogs/instagrams that add a little extra sunshine to my day and I think they would have the same effect on you! (top to bottom, left to right)

1. Willivia- Olivia is just the most adorable little thing! She blogs for funzies and I always go straight to her posts if I see she's published a new one. Happiness exudes from her blog and instagram, which makes my day a little brighter! Here are some of my favorite posts she has published: Savin' Up// The Not So "Cool"// Surviving Those Two Years

2. Adventures in Every Day Life- Kaylee Coles everybody! I love her photos, I love how much she adores her husband, and, most importantly, she's so creative! I will never get over her design skills in THIS post! Also, her What I Like About You post just shows how much she loves her hubby, and it's the sweetest.

3. For the Love of Basil- I just recently found Hilary's yummy food blog and I love it! I appreciate that her recipes focus on what's healthy and tastes good, rather than food that tastes good but makes me feel like I need to run ten miles after to burn the calories. Isaac doesn't like fish but I love salmon and so I'm making THIS grapefruit salmon whether he likes it or not! And how good does Coconut Dark Chocolate Chunk Cookie Dough Ice Cream sound????????

4. Gal Meets Glam- Helloooooo gorgeous! I can honestly say that this is a fashion blogger who has influenced my style. And that's saying a lot, because I always just look at the pictures and move on the next blog! I adore her! So classy, elegant, feminine, natural....I could go on and on. Her Hair Tied With A Bow post is just...perfection.

I hope you enjoy these bloggy friends just as much as I do! Happy Friday peeps!


  1. Awwww this brought the biggest smile to my face! I vote we change the whole we've never met in person thing! xx

  2. love thisss!! I love finding new blog friends :) they all look like the cutest girls! obviously checking them out now!
    xo Candace

  3. Kiely, you're the cutest. And this made my entire week. Checking these other bloggers out asap.


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