choose happy

This picture has been sitting in a drafts folder since December of last year! I knew I would eventually want to post it, so I held onto it. 

As humans, I think it's in our nature to draw close to whatever makes us happy. We like chocolate because it tastes yummy and makes us happy. We are drawn to positive people because they make us laugh or smile. We are on one big pursuit of happiness!

I've been thinking a lot about happiness and how happiness can be found. While I believe there are a couple vital things that guarantee happiness in our lives, I think that it all begins with our outlook. I remember in high school I posted a Facebook status that I hadn't had a good day in such a long time (so dramatic, I know). One of my ballet teachers commented on it and said something like, "It's all what you make of it!" That has always stuck with me!

I think that happiness can be achieved when we commit to positivity. Choose happy. Don't be discouraged by little things. Smile more often. Be more I said in my marriage post, dri-fit shirt! ;) Serve others. Love your family. Find something to be grateful for each day. These things surely bring happiness!

Choose happy :)