Jul 26, 2015

Sunriver Resort VIDEO | Edmonds Family Vacation 2015

sunriver resort

Last week, Isaac and I went with my family to Sunriver, Oregon and spent the week at Sunriver Resort. When I think of "resort," I usually think of tall hotels on a beautiful beach, but this resort was even better than that. Sunriver offers hiking, kayaking, biking, tennis, golf, swimming, eating, rafting, paddleboarding, horseback riding...the list goes on and on. The resort is so spread out and beautiful, it never felt too crowded. We rented bikes for the week and rode everywhere we wanted to go! An adorable, orange cruiser with a basket? Talk about a dream come true! My family rented the most beautiful house with a wide driveway for four-square domination, a fire pit for s'mores, and a backyard hot tub. We would go outdoors and do an activity during the day, and then at night we would relax at the house or bike to the Village in the center of the resort. The Village had restaurants, an ice cream shop, live music, shopping, bumper cars, mini, golf, trampolines, and a cute little train. One of the highlights from the trip was sneaking away for an evening bike ride with Isaac. We rode all the way to the opposite end of the resort to the field where the horses were kept. The sunset was gorgeous and the scenery was absolutely dreamy! We fed the horses and petted them. It was so fun! None of us wanted to leave, we had so much fun! I could write all day about how beautiful Sunriver was and what a good time we had, but instead I made a video...way more entertaining than my blabbering! Hope you enjoy it!

(Make sure you select HD option!)


  1. Your vacation looked so much fun! And the video was a great idea! Loved it!

  2. Looks like lots of fun family time and your video is so cute!
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  3. I love the idea of making a video of vacations and trips, and yours was so cute too! I recently put one together of a Disneyland trip my family took last year and it was so much fun to relive those memories in a short little video. It captures the moments in a way that pictures just can't. Anyway that resort looked amazing.

    1. I'm just glad it wasn't too shaky!! That's so fun! I am definitely going to have to make it a tradition!

  4. So cute! I wanted to make a video of our vacation to Lake Powell like I did for our trip to Guatemala . . . but there's some kind of dust or something inside my camera and it's not very visible when you take pictures but it turns into HUGE blurry black spots when you try to video. So apparently I need to take my camera in for a cleaning before I make any more videos. Hahaha


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