Aug 9, 2015

Costco All-American Fudge Cake


Once upon a time, there was a girl named Kiely. Kiely loved chocolate. She would sneak into the freezer and steal her mom's frozen chocolate chip cookie dough balls, and eat chocolate chips by the bag. She loved chocolate so much that her friend even gave her a jar of chocolate frosting for her 17th birthday. And Kiely ate the whole thing.

For her birthday, Kiely always asked for plain grocery store chocolate cake, and then one day her mom showed her the magically delicious Costco All-American Fudge Cake. Thick frosting, rich chocolate cake, chocolate shavings lining the was love at first sight, and from that day on, Kiely had the Costco All-American Fudge Cake for her birthday cake.

Years passed and Kiely looked forward to having her favorite Costco cake for her 21st birthday. BUT ALAS! Two months before her 21st birthday, Costco DISCONTINUED her beloved cake. Kiely was sad, and may or may not have cried about her lost cake. Was there even a point in having a birthday anymore? The evil Costco bakery lady said they would bring the cake back for holidays. But Kiely needed it for her birthday, not Fourth of July!!

Then, one August day Kiely and her mom were walking through Costco and there on the pastry shelf was Kiely's favorite All-American Fudge Cake! She gasped, literally.

And now, after such a dramatizing experience, the Costco All-American Fudge Cake sits in the Edmonds fridge waiting to bring joy to all that will eat it tonight.



Those bangs...Flashback to Junior Year when I was going through a hair crisis...


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  2. Why won't blogger let you edit comments? I always have to delete and comment again...ha anyway. I love this post. Chocolate always deserves it's own post. Especially in cake firm. Not to infringe on your Costco love, but try Sam's Club's triple chocolate bunt cake. Two kinds of chocolate icing, sprinkled all over with chocolate shavings and mini chocolate chips throughout the cake. It's literally perfect. Never too many chocolate cakes am I right?

  3. Ugh why would they discontinue their cake?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!!?


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