LIFE, man. It really gets to ya sometimes. 

I'm baaaack to bloggin'! Boo ya! I had to take a short break because my computer and phone were completely out of storage, my hard drive failed (make sure you transfer files from hard drive to hard drive every couple of years, because they die...), and we moved. So I have excuses. 

This past summer, Isaac and I worked in Sacramento and lived with my grandparents after our wedding. It pretty much rocked. My grandparents kept us thoroughly entertained and work kept us busy during the day. My entire family lives in the same place (as of this past year), so it was fun to be around my whole family the entire summer, especially since I wasn't ready to say goodbye to my mommy after our wedding!

A few highlights from the last part of our summer:

-SF day trip with my cute friend Kayla & her husband Jordan
-carnival date with Isaac
-getting a new camera!!!
-my best friend Marissa's wedding day