Jun 12, 2016

First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes....

Surprise! Today we announced that we are expecting our first little nugget this coming December! Isaac and I are beyond excited...so excited that we already know the name of our baby (depending on the gender)! We have been so thankful for the outpouring of love and congratulations we have received. Even in the short amount of time that I have been pregnant, I have already felt an increase in love for my sweet husband and a place in my heart has formed for our cute little gummy bear. Isaac is going to be the best dad and I'm so lucky to be married to him! I will post a first trimester update soon, once I take a bump picture! I can't believe I haven't taken one yet! Most days I think its mostly just a food baby, but there definitely is a little something there! Thank you to everyone for your sweet words!


Mar 20, 2016

Shop Eleanor Rae

Two of my favorite things:

stripes and peplum.

I've blogged about it, I've instagrammed about it, and I've talked about it...SO MUCH. Needless to say, THIS top from Shop Eleanor Rae fulfilled all of my wildest stripe and peplum dreams!

Feb 23, 2016

Sundance Film Festival

Isaac and I have never been to the Sundance Film Festival before this year! When Isaac's company offered us their access passes to use for the weekend, we couldn't resist. We drove up to Park City and found a BOMB parking spot. It was snowing and so charming in downtown! We went to a couple sponsor tents, got some hot chocolate, bought our favorite caramel apple from Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory, went to the filmmaker's lounge, and held hands walking on Main Street. I love spending time with my handsome husband!

 photo snow2 1 of 20_zpsupq9fbxu.jpg

 photo snow2 11 of 20_zpsiz9piiof.jpg

 photo snow2 7 of 20_zpsw7s0afkl.jpg

 photo snow2 9 of 20_zpsk8kzlldj.jpg

 photo snow2 13 of 20_zpsp5q7ghii.jpg

 photo snow2 15 of 20_zps75suwdyx.jpg

 photo snow2 14 of 20_zpstgeiwcok.jpg

Feb 22, 2016

Our Charlie Brown Christmas Tree

I HAVE NOT BLOGGED IN SUCH A LONG TIME. I need to catch up because I love looking back at posts from last year and remembering what I was doing!

Isaac and I decided that we wanted to be hard core this year and cut down our own Christmas tree. We drove up the canyon and found a spot to hike up and look around. We went up about half a mile, and found a skinny, perfect Charlie Brown Christmas tree. It was so much fun! It was snowing too, which made it even more magical.

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